2013 - 2014 Minutes

Minutes from the current season are listed here. Minutes from previous sesons are listed under Archived Minutes.



The meeting was called to order at 7:17 by Rick Stegmaier


I. Secretary’s Report-  A motion by Tony Mitchell (2nd by Zach Ison) to accept the minutes of the March 2013 meeting as read was voted on and accepted.


II. Treasurer’s Report-  Brain Pittman reported on expenditures for Fargo participants, rings for Hall of Fame members and scholarship recipients. 


III. Mount St Joseph’s Report- Dustin Baynes introduced himself as the new head wrestling coach and invited coaches to attend events this season.


IV. Coaches Directory- This season coaches are directed to use Google Documents to streamline the updating process.


V. SWOWCA Tournament-  Is set for Dec. 21-22 at Harrison High School.  Dues for participating teams are needed by the December meeting.  Since this is Melissa Stegmaier’s last year as tournament director,  this position must be filled ASAP to facilitate a smooth transition.


VI. State Report- Chris Switzer reported on his first meeting;

            -Jeff Gaier (Moeller) will be nominated for the state HOF next year.

            -The State Duel tournament lost about $90,000 last season so cost cutting

              options such as reducing rounds or restructuring referee assignments are

              being considered.

            -State Polling will be conducted by Troy Roth

            -District tournament sites for this season were announced (DI-Kettering,

              DII-Wilmington, DIII-Troy) and a potential change in the State tournament

              Date was announced.

            -Tony Mitchell made a motion to nominate Rich Dunn (DII) for the following



VII. Cable coverage of the State Tournament- Due to contractual obligations with Fox Sports, Waycross Cable may not be able to continue their coverage of this event.


VIII. Fargo- Zack Ison reported 19 wrestlers received a $75 dollar stipend for participating.


IX- New Business- Moeller High School will be hosting a duel meet between Ohio State and Northwestern on January 19th.  Contact Moeller High School for Tickets.


Rick Stegmaier announced SWOWCA officer nominations would be at the December meeting.  This is due to the fact that this is the last term he is serving and a new president must be selected and mentored.


Options to upgrade the website to make it more dynamic and a potential revenue source were discussed.


 A motion to adjourn by Brian Pittman (2nd by Chris Switzer) at 7:51 was voted on and accepted.

  • DECEMBER 2013

SWOWCA Meeting Minutes for 12/10/2013


The meeting was called to order at 7:17 by Rick Stegmaier.


I. Secretary’s Report- A motion by Tim Kelly (2nd by Zack Ison) to accept the minutes as read for the November meeting was voted on and accepted.


II. State Report- Chris Switzer reported the following topics were discussed:

            -Gary Wise opted for and earlier start date for the season

            -No competition on Thanksgiving weekend.


III. Treasurer’s Report- Brian Pittman reported a balance of $29,445.92


IV. MSJ Report- Dustin Baynes reported their season is in full swing and distributed cards with his contact information.


V. SWOWCA Tounament- Entry information for the tournament was distributed and Ryan Carroll reviewed on site procedures and rules.


VI. Officer Nominations- After discussion the following nominations were made:

            -Sergeant at Arms:                 Jeremy Pletz

            -State Representative:                        Chris Switzer

            -Treasurer:                              Brian Pittman

            -Secretary:                              Larry Mikkelson

            -2nd Vice President                 Rich Dunn

            -1st Vice President                  Nick Hensley

            -President                               Joe Compalongo         Zack Ison


VII. Transition Committee for Tournament Director-  A committee consisting of Jason Rausch, Zack Ison, Mike Masminster, Joe Compalongo, Joey Wolf and Larry Mikkelson was appointed to identify key items to be performed to keep the tournament at the high standard it has achieved with the future director.


VIII. Old Business- No old business was discussed.


IX. New Business- Jeff Gaier expressed serious concerns over the food vendor for our current meeting.


A motion to adjourn by Brian Pittman (2nd by Tony Mitchell) at 7:42 was voted on and accepted.


  • JANUARY 2014

SWOWCA Meeting Minutes for January 2014
The meeting was called to order at 7:14 by Rick Stegmaier.
I. Secretary's Report- A motion to accept the minutes as read by Brian Pittman (2nd by Jeremy Pletz) was voted on and accepted.
II. Mount St. Joe's report- Dustin Baynes reported they are in the hardest part of their season. He requested that coaches start identifying potential recruits so he get them thru the process of official visits and other preliminary steps.
III. Treasurer's Report- Brian Pittman reported a balance of $29,445.92
IV. Scheduling Conflicts 2014-15 Season- Due to changes in the season start date next year, Brian Pittman initiated a discussion to identify the dates of major tournaments in the area and determine where scheduling conflicts may arise.
V. SWOWCA Tournament- Harrison HS has been secured for next years tournament. Melissa Stegmaier will handle team contracts and taking care of officials.
VI. SWOWCA Officer Elections- The following elections took place:
-Zach Ison was elected as 1st Vice President (over Nick Hensley).
-The following ticket was voted on and accepted:
Joe Compalongo President
Rich Dunn 2nd Vice President
Chris Switzer State Representative
Brian Pittman Treasurer
Larry Mikkelson Secretary
Jeremy Pletz Sergeant at Arms
VII. State Report- Chris Switzer submitted a written report with the following items:
-A calendar with important for the next 5 seasons
-Issues with coaches not inputting results and the affects on seeding
-Lack of scholarship applications (Due by Feb. 1st ).
VIII. All Star Meet- Is set for Mar.13th. at Sycamore HS Coaches should email the names of interested wrestlers to Cliff Pope.
IX. Old Business- Many HOF coaches including Bob Kearns, Dick McCoy and Greg Abrams reached out to express their appreciation for the recognition they received at our tournament.
X. Now Business- Dave Bean submitted a written request for funding to cover the DI district finals on Waycross Cable. After discussion a motion by Rick Stegmaier (2nd by Jeremy Pletz) to approve the funding was made with the stipulation that they not be broadcast until after the State Tournament.
A motion to adjourn by Chris Switzer (2nd by Jason Dean) was voted on and accepted at 8:11


SWOWCA Minutes 2/11/2014


I Secretary’s Report- A motion to accept the minutes from the January 2014 meeting as read by Tony Mitchell was voted on and accepted.


II Treasurer’s Report- Brian Pittman reported a balance of $19,336.98.


III State Report- Chris Switzer reported all motions or changes to the state association are due by their March meeting.


IV St. Catharine College-  Spencer Adams (The coach for this start up wrestling team) spoke.  They are a catholic oriented NAIA school in Kentucky.  Their goal is to compete next season.  They have a minimum of $2000 per wrestler in scholarship money.  Contact information was also distributed.


V All Star Meet-  We are still have a lack of coaches and wrestlers signed up.  An information sheet containing dates and requirements has been sent out.


VI 2014 Season Award nomination-

                                    Div I                            Div II                          Div III

Coach                         Craig Murnan             Rich Dunn                   Dick Engel

                                    Chris Switzer              Deren Shinkel             Scott Nicely


 Team                         Harrison                      Ross                            Blanchester

                                    Moeller                       New Richmond           Reading


Media Person             Scott Springer

                                    Tony Suarez


Wrestlette Squad       Oak Hills


Friend of Wrestling   Ed Weigel

                                    Chris Brian


VII Old Business-  We received thank you notes from Dave Bean and Terry Meinking for their awards this year.


VIII New Business Dave Bean reported how the OHSAA has sold all high school media coverage rights to Time Warner.  The issue is they seem to have little or no interest in wrestling and we are faced with a loss of coverage at our state tournament.  Dave discussed options including several post match highlight clips/ interviews with participants that would not violate this agreement.  He mentioned that parents/coaches unhappy with this situation should make their feelings known to their school administrators about this situation.


Zack Ison spoke for Team Ohio and the funding from the SWOWCA.  He suggested a few conditions to be considered which include:

            -$2000 total cap

            -$75 per wrestler who qualifies in a tournament

            -$25 per wrestler who petitions on to the team


A motion to adjourn at 8:11 by Brian Pittman (2nd by Dan Hill) was accepted.

SWOWCA Meeting March 4, 2014


  1. I.      Secretary’s Report- A motion to accept the minutes as read by Tony Mitchell was voted on and accepted.


II. Treasurer’s Report- Brian Pittman reported a balance of $16,663.21.


III. Annual Award Balloting-  The elections results are as follows:


       Coach of the Year:  Div I                                    Div II                          Div III

                                       Chris Switzwer        Rich Dunn                  Dick Engel


       Team:                       Moeller                     Ross                          Blanchester


         Media Person:               Scott Springer

        Wrestlette Squad:            Oak Hills

         Friend of Wrestling:      Ed Weigel


IV. State Report- Chris Switzer reported on a proposal by Gary Wise concerning the division of schools to sectionals between Dayton and Cincinnati.  Concern was expressed concerning the disparity between numbers of participants and schools.  After discussion a subcommittee consisting of Rich Dunn, Chris Switzer, Craig Murnan, and Mike Massminster was formed to formulate a proposal on this issue from our association.


V. All Star Meet- 22 Wrestlers and 4 coaches were involved last year.  Rick Robisch and Cliff Pope announced they were stepping down as the organizers of this event.


VI. Fargo- A proposal by Zack Ison (2nd by Tim Kelly) concerning the SWOWCA supplement to the Fargo team was voted on and accepted.  The proposal had the following stipulations:

            -$ 2000 maximum

            -$ 75 for each wrestler who qualifies for the team by placing

            -$ 25 for each wrestler who petitions onto the team

            - The $ 2000 amount will be reassessed next year.


VII. Scholarship Fund- Rick Stegmaier emphasized every year we have no applicants in some classed.


VIII- Old Business- No old business was discussed.


IX- New Business- Chirs Schumaker is attempting to start a new program at Depaul Chirsto Rey.  Any donation of equipment, old mats etc would be welcome.

Mike Kimmerly was named as the new SWOWCA tournament director.

Departing president Rick Steqmaier was recognized for his years of service.


 At 8:07 a motion to adjourn  by Mike Massminster (2nd by Chris Switzer) was voted on and accepted.